Dioces of El Paso Texas Visits on Pilgrimage

Dioces of El Paso Texas Visits on Pilgrimage

This year marks the first time that Tours Peregrinos Mexico, in collaboration with Rusconi Viaggi (Italy) and KM Pilgrimage welcomed pilgrims from the Diocese of El Paso, Texas, visiting Mexico during early July.

This having been their fifth pilgrimage, the Bishop of El Paso, Texas; Monsignor Mark Seitz, addressed fellow pilgrims with a few words full of the great joy of being able to express his thanks to God and the Virgin for the 30 years the Tepeyac Institute has been running, before celebrating the Holy Mass with Monsignor Arturo Bañuelas, (founder of the Tepeyac Institute of the Diocese of El Paso Texas).

We are grateful to have shared moments of great happiness and faith with Our Mother the Virgin of Guadalupe and would like to thank the Higher Institute of Guadalupan Studies and Msgr. Chavez for sharing their extensive knowledge about the Virgin of Guadalupe with us.

Friday, 03 August 2018 15:38