Tours Peregrinos Mexico: The specialists in authentic guided Catholic Pilgrimages in Mexico

About Us


Tours Peregrinos Mexico was founded in 2009 by our director and owner, Mrs Francesca Monarca, who had previously worked in the organization of Catholic Pilgrimages in Italy, but had decided to move to Mexico after falling in love with the country’s beautiful surroundings, ancient traditions and the rich religious tapestry, kept vibrant throughout the centuries by the people with their fervent belief and faith in God.

After organizing a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Guadalupe for a group of faithful travelers, she became further-captivated and inspired to share these experiences with others wanting to expand their knowledge, faith and devotion.

Travelling & touring much of the country, Francesca has worked tirelessly to establish solid foundations and connections with the people and places she’s encountered on her way in building the future of Tours Peregrinos to offer you unforgettable spiritually religious experiences, not to be found elsewhere; at least not with the kind of detailed client care and empathy that her returning clients appreciate her for.

Just a short 9 years after the foundation of the company, we have gone from strength to strength, thanks to our dedication to holding our clients in high regard, with exemplary customer care services every time.

Our achievements have continued to exceed expectations and to this day Tours Peregrinos Mexico has managed to become one of the most respected specialized companies of Religious Tourism in this part of the world. We have managed to create a more receptive & respected view of Religious Tourism on an international scale, generating jobs and connecting with more and more people all over the world who know, understand & admire the beauty of the religious places here as well as shining light on the faith and majesty of the Mexican people.

Tours Peregrinos Mexico has happily promoted Religious Tourism in Mexico; always keeping in mind our core values of responsibility towards our clients all the while fuelled by our determination to be the most respected and distinguished Religious Tours Expert globally; we aspire to continue spreading the message throughout Mexico & beyond.




When choosing a company to organize a Catholic Pilgrimage, we advise that they should be experts in organizing journeys of this nature, ideally through experience and inside knowledge; not only of the Pilgrimage itself, but also of the local area, culture and the people who reside there.

A Catholic Pilgrimage is taken by a group of believers to a sanctuary or sacred place of religious connotation, a place of devotion, led by faith. It is therefore of utmost importance that the organizing company are well-versed, empathic & understanding of the religion and its history whilst respecting and having the good contacts & communications necessary to organize their guests journey in the most professional manner.

Francesca Monarca has dedicated decades of her life in order to study, visit, experience and understand the Catholic sanctuaries to be found here in Mexico. She has painstakingly visited the cities with the most esteemed Catholic temples, all the while establishing close relationships with churches, organizations and the consecrated here in Mexico. She has used this experience and knowledge to specialize in both Mexican tradition and most importantly, the Catholic festivities that feature so heavily here for Catholic Pilgrims from around the globe!

Tours Peregrinos Mexico specialize 100% in the organisation and logistical planning of Religious Tours and Catholic Pilgrimages in Mexico, with fully-trained, tri-lingual faithful Catholic guides who are always mindful of your time and space within the sanctuaries within our religious tours. As our guides are all faithful Catholics themselves, they are able to answer almost any question you may have for them thanks to their years of experience leading pilgrimages and their honed religious knowledge.


Tours Peregrinos is a German-Mexican Company committed to bringing our clients the most amazing Pilgrimages. We work hard from day-to-day to perfect our company’s tours and services to continue bringing you our excellent standards & unwavering commitment. We do this all while never forgetting the main and most important responsibility to meet the expectations of our pilgrims.

Our guides are specialist Catholics, actively practicing their religion; serious and with extensive knowledge and training that we support them through every year. We believe it is not enough to just know something about faith, we must go further, share the religiosity and extend it to others so they may do the same. We are dedicated to this profession with joy, love & passion in our hearts and a steadfast devotion in our souls.

We speak various languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Italian among others) constantly add to the programs & itineraries in order to improve the experience for our Pilgrims. In addition to the history, spirituality, and Catholic devotion that our company is built on, we rely on the basic values, respect, philosophy and morals that we glean from Catholicism.

Every shrine, church & holy place is presented to our pilgrims respectfully and with plenty of time available so our clientele may meditate, pray and encounter with the sacred spirit & allow their souls to be touched by Faith. There is an opportunity to enjoy the architectural beauty that so often characterises these beautiful places of worship too, as we take our pilgrims on a journey to absorb the culture of this beautiful country, as well as open themselves to the emotional and spiritual wealth gained from learning about the history of the sites venerated by Catholics from centuries ago.

We understand that each step of religiosity is not always simple or easy to attain, however with the guidance of the experts at Tours Peregrinos Mexico, our pilgrims are often amazed at how much they learn with us, helping to reaffirm their will, revitalize their faith; all the while igniting the flame in their hearts for their beautiful religion whilst experiencing an unforgettable journey to the heart of Mexico.

We take this opportunity to guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our work & dedication to giving our pilgrims an absolutely unforgettable experience. We are grateful that you have come to find us & look forward to seeing you soon.