Exciting new developments - A trip to meet our tour guides

Exciting new developments - A trip to meet our tour guides

Hi everyone,

I’m Francesca, the CEO of Tours Peregrinos Mexico. I hope you enjoy our usual blogs (and don’t worry – there’s more coming soon!) but I want to tell you about an incredible week I spent with our team in Mexico City earlier this year. It was such an inspirational few days that I just had to share it with you.

Here at Tours Peregrinos Mexico, we are always improving our services; our mission is to facilitate an innovative, uplifting experience for pilgrims, tailored to their needs. Whether they seek a longer faith tour focused on God and full immersion in Mexican Catholic traditions or a few days of fun vacation at the Riviera Maya peppered with visits to local areas of religious importance, we always put our everything into ensuring a unique and enlightening trip for each and every pilgrim.

As part of this, it was my pleasure to spend some long-awaited quality time with our team of tour guides in and around Mexico City earlier this year; and they really are the best! They’re a group of highly experienced cross-generational men and women genuinely dedicated to welcoming visitors to their hometowns and cities to share in their vibrant culture. While they’re all so knowledgeable about their local history, geography, culture, and religion, what sets them apart for me is that each guide has their own unique story and experiences that add so much personal depth to a pilgrim’s experience. Each guide has a strong personal faith that informs their passion during every tour, and pilgrims often find that this alone makes a Tours Peregrinos Mexico trip really stand out for them.

I travelled from Caribbean Cancun to mountainous Mexico City for a few days to work with the guide team on the many improvements we’re rolling out, which include new processes and guidelines and – excitingly – new projects! Of all these updates and fresh ideas, I’m particularly looking forward to hearing clients’ reactions to our new bespoke tour around the Shrine of Guadalupe. The team had worked tirelessly to bring this all together over the previous few months, so it was a really exhilarating time for me: there’s nothing like seeing the fruits of great teamwork come to life.

For me, it was also crucial to spend time with the guides and staff in and around Mexico City, renewing friendships and growing together under God. Our ethos at TPM is that our colleagues are our family, and so the most important thing for me is always to be able to understand the needs of our staff; maybe there’s something they need so that they can continue to deliver the highest service standards, to feel happier at work or to develop their careers within TPM. There’s nothing like a good old chin-wag to connect and improve together!

Over the days we had together in bustling and gorgeously lively Mexico City (it is seriously worth a visit, if you’ve not experienced that unique place!), we focused on how different our service is to those of travel companies who only provide vacation experiences. God is in the heart of our business and the Catholic faith is at its core; and, while our clients tell us we’re getting that balance right, it was important to us to bounce some ideas around as to how we can deliver an even more spiritually-focused experience to our pilgrimage clients.

Not that fun isn’t important, too! Our Cancun team always has an ear to the ground for fun new activities and adventures to add to our bespoke tours in the Yucatan region and the Riviera Maya, which already include visits to new and old religious sites.

It was a really productive and joyful few days; we all learned a lot from each other and came away just brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to give our clients an ever-improving service. I was so grateful to have had this time with the team, connecting with each other and with God, away from the hustle and bustle of usual business life.

Come and join us in Mexico to experience this incredible place – and our exciting new developments – for yourselves!


Friday, 27 September 2019 15:58