A series of leisure and entertainment options as add-ons for the beginning or end of your pilgrimage with Tours Peregrinos Mexico

Leisure and Entertainment

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Cancun is at the heart of Mexico’s tourist industry. When it comes to relaxation, fun & leisure, Cancun offers a myriad of tours & day-trips to choose from. Known for it’s fantastic white sandy beaches & azure blue Caribbean waters, this modern city features an eclectic mix of both traditional & modern architecture as well as being home to the most extravagant nightlife to be found in Central & South America and most services here are geared towards foreign visitors, making it the obvious and popular choice for visitors from all over the world.

Cancun does not disappoint either; it has five great golf courses to play on, kilometres of sandy, white beaches protected in part by the second largest coral reef in the world - perfect for snorkelling and diving, but if you prefer to stay out of the crystalline waters, there are plenty of fishing trips and day tours to see the jungle, mangroves and the stunning Mayan ruins.

Whether you are looking to relax on a picturesque beach with the turquoise blue of the Caribbean waters at your feet, or prefer to have a more active and thrilling vacation, this is the ideal site to fulfil your every want and need! The Riviera Maya & Yucatan Peninsula are close by, so many people choose to explore these based out of Cancun. What are you waiting for? Come and share a piece of this paradise with us!



Xcaret is the sacred Mayan-centric paradise based on the Riviera Maya. Xcaret is truly a space brimming with natural beauty as well as the magic and mystery of an ancient civilisation. The perfect place to discover the best of Mexico, where you and your family will enjoy the most amazing experiences whilst learning about this country’s intricate history.

On certain National holidays the park may get busy (Day of The Dead for example) where special shows and events are planned - it is advisable to book your tickets for these days well in advance.



The cenotes, caves and lagoons of Xel-Ha sit along a lazy meandering river that feeds down into the sea, the refreshing sweet water of the cold springs mixing gradually with the salty water of the stunning Caribbean, reflecting the beautiful jungle vegetation and wildlife all the way down. Xel-Ha is possibly one of the largest natural aquariums in the world; where you can immerse yourself in the turquoise waters to enjoy some of the best snorkelling and relaxation available throughout Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Bring your waterproof camera & take beautiful underwater photos of more than 90 marine species that inhabit this natural cove. If you want to take the inner-tube down the river, you can either cycle, walk or get the little train up along the river to the starting point within mangroves.


Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women) is a small, yet beautiful island located a short 20 minute ferry ride away from Puerto Juarez and the hotel zone in Cancun. Isla Mujeres boasts the beauty of the Caribbean, you can rent a golf cart to explore its lush tropical jungle, cliffs, beautiful architecture (be sure to check out the shell house) and the lazy, beautiful shallows of Playa Norte (North Beach) to relax on at the end of the day. The island is steeped in the wonderful legacy of the Mayan civilization - named originally after the discovery of a stone temple containing clay figurines of Mayan goddesses.

The island itself is only 500 meters wide and 7.5 kilometers long - from the open-air art garden and Mayan temple on the Southern-most tip of the island to the chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe (central) & back to the North where you are spoilt for choice with fresh & colourful seafood restaurants - Isla Mujeres is a true Mexican Caribbean jewel of an island with something for everyone.



One hour’s drive South of Cancun you’ll find another beautiful spot to relax and explore on the island of Cozumel. This island’s Caribbean charm attracts thousands of visitors each year, many of whom arrive via the many cruise ships to enjoy the beautiful beaches, snorkelling on the nearby reefs. There are no shortage of enthusiasts who come to soak up the sun & natural landscapes here, seeking a few days of total relaxation or a more exciting trip of snorkelling and water-sports!


Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is without a doubt one of the most attractive places in Mexico and competes with the most exquisite vacation locations on a global level. Extending hundreds of kilometers all the way down the Caribbean coast, the Riviera Maya offers a myriad of options where you can come to enjoy the sun, sea, & white sandy beaches as well as exquisite dining, shopping malls, reefs, cenotes and archaeological sites!

The Riviera Maya is a destination that will allow you to come into contact with the cultural richness of Mexico where you can explore the magical world of the Mayan in the ancient cities of Tulum and Coba; come and get acquainted with authentic Mayan villages located in this area and bear witness to some of the religious rituals practiced for centuries on these ancestral lands, perhaps cooling off in one of the many cenotes in this area.



Tulum is a small town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Known for its stunning, mostly untouched beaches and the very well-preserved ruins of the ancient Mayan port city, named Zama in the Mayan culture (meaning dawn). The ruins here are probably the best and most recognized example of Mayan culture to be built directly on the coastline dated between 1200 & 1550. The structures here, in particular the castle (El Castillo) and the Temple of the Frescoes, stand out for their good preservation and for the surprisingly high quality of the mural paintings that are still preserved deep in the interior of both.


Chichen Itza (Yucatan)

One of the famous Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza is one of the most magnificently preserved Mayan cities in Mexico. come and discover the magnificent temples such as the Pyramid of Kulkulcan or the Castle; one of the most impressive monuments of Chichen Itza, characterized by the large amount of tombs that have been found here and for its incredible 91 steps to the summit. The impeccable architecture stands out with a colossal, superbly intricate head of a plumed serpent chiseled out of stone. This is one tour not to be missed! Chichen Itza features an incredible light show on certain nights, for more information and to book your tickets, get in touch with us now!