Privacy Policy

In compliance by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data belonging to private individuals act (the "Act"), Tours Peregrinos Mexico SAS puts at your disposal the following notice of our privacy policy:

1. Responsibility for the protection and treatment of personal data:

Tours Peregrinos Mexico SAS with street address Chechen 6, MZ12, SMZ 311, Benito Juárez, 77560 Quintana Roo.

2. Means of obtaining Personal Data and the kind of Data we collect:

The personal data that Tours Peregrinos Mexico holds will be used solely for the purposes described in this privacy notice and are collected in a direct manner, either through our sales & reservations representatives, personally or by telephone, as well as any data you choose to share with us by contacting us through our webpage.

The data that Tours Peregrinos Mexico collects from you are the following: full name inclusive of surname, e-mail address, telephone numbers (home, office, mobile), nationality, language, age (only in case of reservations for the booking of flight tickets), credit card data as a number, name of the holder, security code, card-registered address for validity, letter of authorization for the collection and making copies of official identification (only in the case that you request the service).

3. Sensitive Personal Data:

In order to comply with the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, we may also be collecting and using sensitive personal data, such as relationship status (through salutation), physical condition, state of health, disability, medical documents among some others, such sensitive personal data will be treated with the strictest security measures to ensure your privacy and are collected and used solely for the purposes of booking travel/accommodation that this may be relevant to.

4. Purpose of Collecting your Personal Data:

Your personal data will only be used with the purpose of processing, tracking, upgrading, modification, cancellation and confirmation of the services which you have reserved through Tours Peregrinos Mexico. The group comply with its obligations to both our clients as well as our suppliers, assessing the quality of the service, performing surveys on habits and travel preferences, as well as for sending out promotions, offers and promotion of our services in general.

5. Transfer of National and International data:

Your personal data may be transferred and/or shared to business partners and suppliers in national or international territory such as hotels, airlines, car rental companies, suppliers of transport tours, etc, only in order to supply you with the service(s) you contracted through Tours Peregrinos Mexico.

6. Exercising your right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the personal data we hold for you (ARCO Rights)

The law gives you four rights to exercise:

  • Access to your personal data in order to understand which are encrypted, whether they are correct and for also for what purposes they are used.
  • In the event of rectification where your data may be inaccurate, incorrect or out of date.
  • The right to a cancellation policy for the elimination of their personal data if you believe that your data is not being used for the fulfilment of the purposes set out in this privacy policy..
  • Opposition to the use or storage of your personal data in respect to any of the purposes set out in this privacy notice.

7. The right to revoke your consent for the storage and use of your data:

You have the right to revoke the consent given for the use & storage of your personal data, as well as the right to stop receiving information, promotions and offers, by sending your request in writing through the following e-mail:

Please make sure that your request contains your full name (including surname) with a copy of their official identification (for security reasons), your registered email or physical address that you used to be notified of our notifications and a contact phone number. Tours Peregrinos Mexico will follow up on your request within 20 working days following receipt of your request with complete documentation. We will then communicate with you to see whether or not you wish to proceed; then you will have a maximum period of 15 days in order for us to give you access to your personal information, carry out any rectification, or to carry out the steps necessary for the cancellation of usage of your personal data or the deletion of them off our systems.

8. Changes to this privacy notice:

Tours Peregrinos Mexico reserves the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy policy at any given time and without prior notice. The modifications or updates to be carried out, shall come into force from the time they are published on our website and it is strongly recommended that you review our policy regularly to stay up-to-date. Tours Peregrinos Mexico suggests reading this Privacy Notice in full, because by sharing your data with us by any means, constitutes the acceptance of this privacy policy.