Tours Peregrinos Mexico: The specialists in authentic guided Catholic Pilgrimages in Mexico.

Religious Tourism

Come and enjoy a unique experience in Mexico! We offer tours & pilgrimages in which you can get to know the culture and Mexican traditions; all centered around the faith and spirituality of its beautiful people. Come and admire the stunning architecture, the magical places, customs and traditions of the locals & the folklore that surrounds their religion.

Through our specially designed pilgrimages you will get a chance to step back through the ages to admire the incredible churches, cathedrals & convents. Experience the incredible colors, sounds & buzzing activity of the religious festivals, feasting all-the-while on the delightful traditional foods to be found here.

Come and allow us to guide you through this spiritual journey, where culture & religion blend together to create a magical and unique experience not to be missed! Meet the people devoted to their religion and traditions while journeying the wonderful landscapes, allowing you to connect further with your spirituality and faith.




At Tours Peregrinos Mexico we believe that pilgrimage is a vital part of Catholic spirituality which led us to create a service to take the difficulty out of the planning, technicalities, organisation and orientation of a successful & enlightening spiritual journey.


Tours Peregrinos México invite you to experience beautiful and sacred adventures by joining us on a journey to soak up and appreciate some of the most charming and revered traditions and festivities to be found throughout Mexico.