Youth Programs

Tours Peregrinos Mexico has a special interest in creating beautiful, fun & educational trips focused on our young adults.

Why, you may ask?

Here at Tours Peregrinos, we feel strongly and passionately that our youth are the future, they are at the difficult age that immediately precedes adulthood - a time of change where the innocence of childhood is left behind and a growing-up of sorts takes place, that time being synonymous with energy, vigour and a thirst for knowledge! For our younger pilgrims, we offer journeys that encourage them to expand their horizons and open their minds; naturally leading them to become more sensitive & empathic with the world around them.

Contact us now to enquire how experiencing a magical trip to Mexico can help the young adults in your life to learn more about their Faith whilst enjoying a journey through the rich cultures and traditions of a naturally beautiful and fervently Catholic country.

Our specially formulated Youth Programs help our travellers to reaffirm their values while simultaneously increasing their compassion towards others, all-the-while learning more about tolerance and other key factors of Catholicism.

We love to be a part of this special time by offering a package that not only takes younger pilgrims on the ride of their lives, but also includes depth & plenty of chances for inner-exploration so that even those with doubt, uncertainty and suffering in their life will find a way to find God on their journey.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is well-known for being the land of our Patron Saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe and of course, Mexico ranks second in the world in being home to the largest number of Catholics in any country. Finally, more than five million young people are enrolled in Catholic organizations to promote their faith and encourage Catholic principles. Mexico is a country of beautifully warm, friendly & devout people that make the Catholic Religion a huge part of their identity and take us back to the roots of our Faith.

We believe that when God touches the hearts of the young they become able to do great works in their lives. Allow us to take this journey of discovery with you!